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Integrate Families, offers a range of private Therapeutic and Emotional Regulation support services. These services are specifically for parents who have children or adolescents, suffering from complex behaviour, or concerning emotional responses.


Support Programs

Child Assessment

If you are experiencing difficulties with you child, we offer a private consultation service where you can get expert advice from one of our therapists. Our senior team has over 95 years of experience and actively they work with a range of children in private and social care situations.


You can book an appointment to visit one of our 4 offices around the UK, or one of our experts can connect with you over a secure video call.


To book an appointment, you can call us between 8am and 5pm on 0333 012 4105

or fill out our enquiry form below and someone will contact you within 12 to 24 hours.

We provide a wide range of on-going support and home programs, that allow you as a parent to access personalised therapeutic help for your child, as well as various online resources. Through every step of the way we are able to assist you with difficult circumstances and provide consultation and therapy.


Please call us on 0333 012 4105

We are able to provide a full clinical assessment of your child and their needs. If required we can also issue a formal report that can be used for mental health and/or court purposes.


Our team at Integrate Families is experienced in assessing children for a variety of therapeutic, legal and mental health reasons and regularly supply local councils and other organisations with such reports.


If you have any questions or would like to know more, please email us at

PLEASE NOTE: Although we do work with many local authorities that provide financial support to families; unless prior approval has been obtained, all our private services are chargeable upon booking. If you require financial support from your local authority or CAHMS, please contact them directly.

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