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Integrate Families is one of the country's leading adoption support agencies.


We specialise in working with adopters and their children; particularly where there are complex and difficult behaviours.

Our aim is to address the difficulties that adopters are facing when parenting a traumatised child.


We focus on achieving healthy relationships and a sense of family.


Through our training and media arm BICTD, we  produce a range of resources as well as regular videos.

"We believe that without the therapy, our son would not be able to become a productive member of society."



For our after adoption support and therapeutic programs, we work with the whole family to ensure that the therapeutic change becomes a part of their lifestyle rather than a one-off intervention.




Each child and family is unique and we deliver a specific therapeutic package for the child and family, which will address their individual needs.

As the American Academy of Paediatrics 2013, state, “Assume that all children who have been adopted or fostered have experienced trauma”…

… “ Adoptive and foster families may struggle to understand and support their new children. Because these children may have experienced significant trauma prior to their placement, they may view and react to people and events in ways that may seem unusual, exaggerated, or irrational. Recent advances in developmental science are revealing how early childhood trauma is biologically embedded, influencing learning, behaviour and health for decades to come”.


Not only may adopted children been traumatised in their birth families, there is also the potential for further traumatisation via adoption disruption and / or numerous placement moves.


“The number of adopted children who have been returned to care homes because their new parents cannot cope with them has doubled in the past five years.” The Times 10 July 2009.



At aged nine the child was deemed a danger to himself and others so was placed in a therapeutic community costing £4,000 per week. Now aged 11 he has changed dramatically. In total he will probably be there for three and a half years at a cost of about £700,000.” Oakwater, Adoption Today, April 2008.

"I feel totally informed and aware of my children’s experiences and how to continue to help them outside of sessions."     PARENT

Rosy and Mike felt they had tried everything until one day they found an agency who could provide them with understanding and support that has provided light at the end of the tunnel for them in their parenting journey…Rosie wrote, “home life was like walking on was even worse…we were made aware of an organisation called INTEGRATE Yorkshire..and finally someone understood. I cannot praise Integrate Families enough. Without them, I dread to think where we would be now.


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